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    Louise van der Voort
    Executive Manager - Planning & Environment @ Central Otago District Council

    Advocating for: Central Otago community

    The Central Otago District Council works on behalf of its wider community to meet the current and future needs of the region in relation to good-quality local infrastructure and local public services.


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    Michael Robertson
    Head of Portfolio & Pricing @ Contact Energy

    Advocating for: Electricity retailers, residential & SME consumers

    Contact Energy has a relationship with 18,000 residential customers and 2,400 Small to Medium businesses in the Aurora Energy network areas. Contact Energy’s generation assets include geothermal, hydro, thermal and a diesel plant for back-up power in emergencies, meaning eighty percent of our electricity is generated from renewable sources. With over 415,000 customers Contact Energy is New Zealand’s largest mass market (residential and small to medium enterprise) energy supplier. Contact Energy’s business is on a journey and mission to not only stay relevant but create an energy brand that continues to shake up a traditional, yet increasingly dynamic utility sector. From 2018, the new vision became to ‘make a positive difference to the lives and prosperity of New Zealanders’, and through human energy Contact Energy will live its brand purpose to ‘touch lives, to make life better’. Contact Energy’s mindset has moved away from designing for scale and utility – a typical market approach often resulting in products more convenient to the provider. Contact Energy has avoided a one-size-fits-all way of thinking and instead aims to arm customers with smart energy solutions that encourage energy efficiency, drive human connection and ultimately deliver on its brand vision to ‘make a positive difference to the lives and prosperity of New Zealanders’.


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    Jordana Whyte
    Project Manager @ Cosy Homes Trust

    Advocating for: Healthy homes and vulnerable customers

    The Cosy Homes Trust allows various groups with a stake in improving Dunedin and Otago homes to work more effectively to achieve greater impact. The Trust coordinates healthy homes efforts across Otago by providing education and advocating for policy changes and financial resources that promote healthier and more energy efficient housing across the Otago region.


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    Dr Michael Jack
    Senior Lecturer, Department of Physics @ University of Otago

    Advocating for: Sustainable energy

    The Otago University is one of New Zealand’s leading tertiary organisations and is ranked in the top 3% in the world. It has over 190 undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Dr Michael Jack was a lead research in a recent government funded research programme to explore the future of New Zealand's electricity grid, focussing on grid edge innovations happening in the residential sector.


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    Meaghan Miller
    General Manager, Corporate Services @ Queenstown Lakes District Council

    Advocating for: Queenstown Lakes community

    The Queenstown Lakes District Council leads and represents its community in decision-making impacting the local region, while considering the needs of people currently living in the district and those who will live there in the future. It is striving for a vibrant community, with an enduring landscape, through bold leadership.


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    Jonathan West
    Chief Financial Officer @ Pioneer Energy

    Advocating for: Electricity retailers and residential consumers

    Pioneer Energy has a diverse portfolio of energy assets, products and investments throughout New Zealand. It is an active investment partner in both local and renewable energy generation and customer on-site heat and power facilities.


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    Dr Marion Poore
    Independent Advisor

    Advocating for: Health care sector and healthy communities

    A consultant public health physician with over 15 years’ experience in the Otago region, Marion has experience across public, children's and women's health. Healthy environments including air quality, housing and energy are important for keeping people and communities healthy. Prior to her training in public health medicine, she was a GP in Pukekohe South Auckland.

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    John Hancock
    Independent Expert Advisor

    John Hancock is a well-known energy utilities consultant and commentator. He chairs the Electricity Authority’s Innovation & Participation Advisory Group and was a member of Expert Advisory Group for the Government’s Electricity Price Review. As a consultant he mainly works with market participants, networks, regulators and policy agencies in the NZ electricity industry. Much of his work draws on his unusual combination of deep experience in both technology and deregulation - key dimensions of the strategic environment in the sector which he has worked in for nearly 30 years around the world.


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    Dougal McGowan
    Chief Executive Officer @ Otago Chamber of Commerce

    Advocating for: Business customers

    The Otago Chamber of Commerce offers businesses and business people a range of services, dedicated to promoting and actively encouraging business growth and opportunity throughout the Otago region. It advocates for and offers a voice on behalf of members on local, regional and national government policy.


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    Anna Mickell
    Chief Executive Officer @ Queenstown Chamber of Commerce (and Ignite Wanaka representative)

    Advocating for: Business customers

    The Queenstown Chamber of Commerce provides advocacy, support and education services in Queenstown. Anna Mickell is also representing Wanaka’s chamber of commerce, Ignite Wanaka, which works to empower the Wanaka business community through collaboration, advocacy and recognition.



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    Simon Drew
    General Manager, Infrastructure Services @ Dunedin City Council

    Advocating for: Dunedin community

    The Dunedin City Council delivers services to the local population of around 130,000 residents. With great leadership, care for the environment and Dunedin’s unique heritage, the Dunedin City Council is striving to make a difference to the wellbeing of Dunedin and its people.


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    Simon Davies
    Provincial President @ Federated Farmers Otago

    Advocating for: Rural customers

    Federated Farmers is New Zealand’s leading independent rural advocacy organisation. Federated Farmers Otago represents local farmers' views across Otago, Clutha, Queenstown Lakes, and Central Otago. It advocates on behalf of its members around local and national issues, covering issues including environmental matters, the high-country landscape, rates, and the quality of required utilities services.


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    Debbie Gelling
    Practice Manager, Family Works @ Presbyterian Support Otago

    Advocating and supporting: Families, individuals, youth and providing foodbank and social services.

    Motivated by its Christian heritage, and in partnership with others, Presbyterian Support Otago works across the community’s generations for positive change, strong families and healthy communities.


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  • DG
    Debbie George
    Executive Officer @ Age Concern Otago

    Advocating for: Older customers

    Age Concern Otago promotes healthy, active and positive ageing for people over 65. It does this through promoting the rights, wellbeing and quality of life of older people, kaumātua, and their whanau across the Otago region.


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